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Archangel Forks set of 12 w/pouch (Unweighted)

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Angel Frequencies 

This is a new set for me so as I continue to research it and experiment with the tones I will add to this. All the forks are based on the Kabalah though they will not release the exact frequencies. I did put together a chart referencing the different components and guidd on research and my intutition some general uses. 



Chakra Corelation

Suggested Uses




To change negative thought patterns. Finding balance, clearing negativity, connection to soul path. Invoking compassion



Third Eye/Solar Plexus

Aides in turning knowledge into practical wisdom. Helps one to recall all the lessons the soul has learned. Helps to heal from painful memories. Helps dissolve previous vows made in past lifes.


Tzaphqiel (Zaphkiel)

Third Eye

God’s Knowledge-use the frequency to bring the higher understanding of any problem or issue. Helps to bring divine concepts in to language. Great to use after meditation and before journaling. Invoke this energy when needing clarification from spirit or the devine.


Tzadkiel (Zadkiel)


Energy of forgiveness. Guardian of the violet flame of transmutation and healing. Invoking brings about soul freedom, and releasing us from our shortcomings, Helps us to see the divine purpose in our challenges and overcome them. Helps us to discover the divine aspects within.



Heart Chakra

Tough love – Helps us see the good in any situation (or person) Discernment. Observation vs. Judgement. Aides in making sound decisions without emotional involvement (detachment) Harmony through conflict (4th ray energy) Namaste May the God in me Greet the God in Thee for the Highest Good.



Throat  Chakra

Clearing negativity from outer and inner words, invoking courage, strength and protection. Guidance with a situation.



Third Eye

Develop intuition, Feminine energy, especially effective to invoke during a full moon when intending to release or heal something. Amplifies intuitive messages.


Raphael (Michael)

Third eye & Heart

Helps to heal any relationship. Protects while traveling, Helps people realize that they are healers, Helps to see through the illustion of life. Balances energy between the third eye and heart chakra



Solar Plexus

Communicates through the heart. Great for guidance for heart aligned purposes and ideas.

Malkuth-The Kingdom


Root Chakra

Helps to contact spirit world, and enter trance states, helps to heal with physical and mental disorders. Especially good to use with plants or animals. Great to use during a spiritual path initiation.

Da’Ath Knowledge/Void

Shekinah (not an archangel)


Connection to source. Feminine attributes of the source energy. Aides in manifestation from the soul level. Use at the beginning and end of session  to set the energy. Great in combination with any other fork.

Holy Host

All Archangels

All & Beyond

Use at the end of a session. I find it especially good in combination with 999 and the crystal tuner.


How to use Arch Angel Tuning Forks

First, before a session, ask the client if they resonate with any particular angel and look to incorporate it into the session.

I got from spirit that in general you can pick 2-3 forks to use in combination with other sessions, however I feel you can also do a standalone session with the angel forks. The main key is to spend some time meditation with each frequency, and get to know the presence of each of the entities which the fork invokes. Angels are all about the "Prime Directive". Ask for their help, and they will be there. 

With the activation of each fork during the session, say an affirmation or a request to bring in the angelic energies. Also ask the client "If you are in agreement with the request say yes" It is not to say that the forks will not work without this interaction, but in my experience with clients getting them to "buy in" to the experience (especially with angel forks) is a must. 

A few other things that I have noted that I would recommend is to use the Holy Host at the end of the session in combination with whatever you do to remove what the client released during the session. (Reiki psychic surgery, Shaman technique, crystal tuner etc. )  I sense that this fills the persons being with light everywhere that there is a void where they let go of something. I use it in combination with a 999 fork witch in numerology is for completion, as well as the crystal tuner. 

If you use these fork and have a protocal I can include on this site please let me know. 

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