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Buffalo Events


HHH has partnered with Santosha to bring 3 amazing events to the Buffalo area! 

Here is a list of all the amazing events! Click the links or the items below to register today!


  • Private Sessions with Hank Setala or Rian Dean. Enjoy Access Bars, Sonic Shaman Sessions, IET, or Rune Readings. Click here to schedule your time today, or call Santosha to schedule your time!



  • Join Rian for Empathic Empowerment Training  from 10:00-4:30. The time of the wounded healer is over! Learn how to embrace your gifts as an empath and change your life forever. Click here for full details and to register
  • Join Hank Setala for Ceremony and Sound from 10:00-430 for an introduction into Peruvian Shamanism and ways to combine it with sound healing and other modalities to take your healings to a new level. Click her for full details and to register today.

How does it get better than this?

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