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Ceremony and Sound (February Workshop


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No Limit Healing

Ceremony and Sound

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Class takes place at 16300 Delaware Ave. in Lakewood OH. 

Class Date: February 25th 9:00am-6:00pm Optional concert from 7:00-8:30

Early Registration through February 15 $125.00

Regular Registration $150.00


What you will learn about ceremony

  • How to open a sacred medicine space
  • An energetic attunement to the elemental energies: Earth, Water, Wind, Sun and more
  • Learn how to use ancient words to call in any guide or spiritual teacher to work with you or your client.
  • How to call in the nature spirits of any area
  • How to call in a person’s spirit beings that hold their soul blue print
  • A powerful energy technique to transmute the heaviness within someone
  • How to close the space

What you will learn about sound

  • Where Science bridges into Metaphysics
  • How to use both unweighted and weighed tuning forks
  • A time bending technique to influence the frequency of any tuning fork
  • A 2 fork scanning and balancing technique
  • A brief overview crystal bowls and how to use them

 Additional Resources

  • Video on an energy integration technique (Only if we cannot get to it in class)
  • NLP anchor collapsing
  • Workbook that covers over a dozen different tuning fork sets
  • MP3 Recordings giving the foundation of metaphysics that are essential for healing work.

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Learn how to start a healing by opening up a sacred space using ancient traditions
  • Explain in laymen’s terms how sound and vibration healing work scientifically and metaphysically
  • Understand and know how to select forks or frequencies for an individual for specific purposes
  • Know the specific physiological changes that occur in the body with certain sounds, and how they are healing
  • Learn a bridge technique that can be used with various types of tuning fork sets or other mediums
  • Learn a Sonic Shower technique of healing,and how to create one unique to a client
  • Learn how to anchor tones for personal healing (no forks required)
  • Learn how to use specific combinations of tones to get in touch with intuition
  • Use weighted tuning forks with acupressure points for virtually anything


The Presenter

The Sonic Shaman

The Sonic Shaman

Hank Setala known today as The Sonic Shaman is a natural intuitive healer from birth possibly due to a near death experience. He founded his healing practice in 2008 part time under the name Higher Healing by Hank. In 2012 he started Holistic Health and Healing by launching the annual Holistic Health and Healing Expo where he built outlet for the holistic community featuring events, community calendar, a community blog and a business directory. In 2016 he realized that he had lost his own voice as a healer and redefined himself as the Sonic Shaman blending ancient Peruvian traditions with modern day sound healing tools.

He is a graduate of the Fellowships of the Spirit School of Healing and Prophecy in Lily Dale New York, He holds several certifications in areas including Aromatherapy, Medical Intuition, Sound Healing, Medical Intuition, Reiki and many more. He combines this knowledge to create what he calls “No Limit” healing sessions that are custom tailored for each individual client.


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