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Mini Shaman Apprenticeship Program


Product Description

Mini Apprenticeship Program

In this two month program; We will be working with the sacred environment, nature beings, and unique energy grid of the Lake Erie region.

The millinial old sacred work we will be performing creates an opening -in which the linage and spiritual gifts of the tradition are; planted, germenated and brought to flower!

In addition to the personal power and well-being achived -we will be allining the spiritual grid of the region, with the Pachamama/Giai matrix of Heart Island -fulfilling our roles in the ascension of our beloved Mother Earth


Friday, April 21 at 7 PM - 9 PM until Sunday April 23rd (end time varies)

Friday, June 2nd at 7:00pm-9PM until Sunday June 4th (end time varies)

2 Payment Options:

1. Payment in full $650.00 

2. $200.00 deposit to hold your space and a payment of $250.00 at he start of each class. 

3. Pay as you go $350.00 per class.



A Natural Mystic’s Guide to Ascension

An initiation into the medicine ways of the Peruvian Andes and the transformative arts of the Katari tradition of cross-cultural shamanism. In the Inkan sacred tradition Q’enti, “The Hummingbird”, symbolizes the way of the Nature Mystic, and the ability to bridge the gap between the sacred and mundane. Through sacred sound and ceremony, we learn to engage in the dynamics of living energy. By connecting to the upper-world we learn to cleanse ourselves of the heavy energies that lead to conflict and illness. Finally, we learn to step into infinity, and create a sacred space. This sacred space is the heart of our ceremonies, where we bridge the gap between the spiritual and mundane worlds, and learn to be in healing service to our Earth Mother and fellow creation. There is no prerequisite for this weekend.

The Great Initiation

May  (The Great Initiation)
In this program, we under-go the rites of the Hatun Karpay, or “Great Initiation”, as taught to me by my teacher, Juan Nunez del Prado. This is the Initiation of the Kurak Akulleq, or 4th level Andean Priesthood. The Hatun Karpay opens us to direct intimate contact with the Divine. In a series of beautiful and moving rituals and exercises, we begin the process of re-connecting ourselves to the sacred energy of the Earth. Recognizing that we each have a strong seed within ourselves, which holds our potential and dreams. We will travel to natural sites that hold sacred energy, to help us connect with the three worlds.

With the help of Mother Nature, we heal the wounds of our personal past, invoke/cleanse the energy of our parents, and reawaken the spiritual gifts of our family lines. The Hatun Karpay creates the energy necessary to germinate and flower our seed of potential. We will use our time together to rediscover our potential, and find new ways to understand and express who we are, and what we came here to do.

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