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Otto Fork 32hz w/pouch (Weighted)

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Product Description

OTTO Tuner 32

This fork is weighted and tuned to OM 32 cycles per second

The Frequencies of the OTTO tuners

If you had to pick only one tuning fork to buy in your entire life, the Otto Tuners would be at the top of the list. Otto stands for Osteophonic which means to vibrate bones. When placed on the body, you can feel the frequency/vibration resonate deep within and have a profound impact on circulation, and relaxation of the muscle and tissues. These forks are weighted and are 32,64, and 128. These forks are an extention of the harmonic set that is basedon an 8 cycle fundemental. Each Otto fork has it's own niche. See the table below for a brief overview:

Frequency  Description of use
Otto 32 Perfect for stimulating and balancing the peripheral nerves. It also helps with the flow of the lymphatic system. 
Otto 64 designed to vibrate the sacrum. Balancing this in turn balances the autonomic nervous system. Energetically, this fork allows the floor of the pelvis to relax. It allows for a gentle shift into the parasympathetic nervous system so it doesn’t overwhelm the system. This allows for better blood flow, as well as a deep relaxation and an increased ability to be receptive. This is also helps to begin to raise the Kundalini energy. 
Otto 128

Placing the stem on the body, the frequency is transmitted directly and deeply into tissues, joints, bones, acupuncture points and trigger points. This fork, like using the perfect fifth, has been shown in the clinical setting to spike nitric oxide in both nerve and vascular tissue. This helps balance the nervous system and increases opiate molecules. The increase helps with better circulation and lessens pain. (Perfect for arthritis)

Best places to use this fork are: Any acupuncture point, on your heart center, your third eye, base of the spine, top of the head or around any joint, knees, elbows ect. 


How to use the OTTO 32 Tuner.

To work with the Peripheral nerves activate the Otto 32 and move it gently over the skin. You can also use the fork to run the meridians.




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