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Sonic Shaman Concert

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Product Description

Please note, no actual product is shipped with the purchase of the workshop. No shipping charges will be calculated. 

Please note the Flight of the Condor Concert was originally on 01/26 and was moved to 01/28 due to a scheduling conflict.

Concerts marked for Goddess Elite are located at the temporary store location which is right next to the original store. 28887 Lorain Road North Olmsted. 

Concerts Marked for Lakewood are located at 16300 Delaware Ave Lakewood Ohio.  

If you have questions you can call or text 440-720-4325 or email Hank at Hank@TheSonicShaman.com

All concerts are 7:00-8:30 unless otherwise noted. 

Want to host a private concert or a concert for your business clients? Contact us to discuss your needs!


Each concert is custom tailored for a different intention. Here is a brief summary of the upcoming concerts. 


February 15nd Group Soul Retrieval (Goddess Elite) Each participant will be asked to write down a traumatic event. What happened, when it happened and where it happened. You do NOT need to share this event with anyone. During the concert Hank will spend time with each person, placing the paper in his mesa to collect the soul piece and then integrate it back into your energy field. If you don't have a conscious event that occurred simply leave the paper blank.  

February 16th ~ Yanitin Concert (Lakewood) Yanitin is a term for a couple, not necessarily romantic. In this concert the spirit essence from your Yanitin will be called in and energetically integrated with your own. For this concert for one fee both you and your partner can come. It is encouraged that you lay so you can hold hands during the integration. This same integration can also be used to integrate your personality body and your spiritual self. Registrations for this event only are valid for up to 2 people per registration. 

March 15th ~ Star Integration: In this tradition, the belief is that at the moment the had crowns at birth your start of influence is instilled upon you. In this concert Hank will call the energy of your unique star into the mesa and re-attune you to the energy so you can be in conscious awareness of the influence of your unique star of energy. 

March 23rd ~ Meet the Mookies: The mookies are nature beings that aide in the physical healing of our bodies. After setting the energy and the space, Hank will activate the nature beings within each participant and also teach the technique of the Paqo tradition to activate it for yourself after the concert experience. 

March 25th ~ The Sound Convergence: Spring into Being: In this collaborative experience featuring the Sonic Shaman, Sonic Alchemy, and The Gong Experience participants will spring into the totality of being. There will be a group despacho ceremony. Feel free to bring in items to contribute to the offering to spirit symbolizing things you are tankful for. Flower Petals, Chocolate, Herbs, Even Money. 

Other Concert Themes Include:

Living in Anyi: Anyi is the concept of devin repricosty. Everything is an energy exchange. This concerts intention will be to anchor our ability as divine beings to be in a constant energy exchange with all the people places and things around us. To be in true gratitude for every relationship we encounter and embracing our role in redistributing the energy for the betterment of ourselves, those we come in contact with and even consciousness that we have yet to encounter. Our entire experience becomes one amazing energetic dance with the universe. 

Soul Prints: From our place of birth, the physical high point and the low point hold the energy of two important nature beings that hold the blue print for the perfect you. This concert serves as an introduction to your true spiritual parents, or a deeper awareness of the amazing information they hold for you. Everyone's unique nature spirits will be called into the space and that energy will be integrated for each person personally. 

Winter Solstice Renewal: This concert focuses on clearing the heavy energy from your entire being both known and unknown. Participants will walk away with a usable clearing technique they can perform on themselves, family, friends or even strangers. Participants will also receive access to an online audio walk through of the technique to allow them to anchor the technique after the concert. 

Meet your Spirit Allies: In this tradition it is believed that each person has a set of 7 spirit allies. The first 3 are animas. One being a cold blooded animal lake a snake, the second being a mammal, traditionally a puma, and the last is a bird, traditionally a condor. During this concert each participant will receive an energetic attunement and integration with these first 3 spirit allies as well as a handout with information on all 7 and access to a downloadable guided meditation walking you through meeting each one. 

Flight of the Condor: The flight of the condor is the take of how the first line of energy to divinity came down to this earth plan. Hank will tell the story after building the Mesa. Each participant will offer a Kintu (all materials will be provided) and then experience the story through sound. During the concert Hank will anchor a line of energy to each participant connected them to source.


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