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Web Specials! 

Spend $100.00 or more, and recieve 10% of your order as a store credit for future orders! Valid for retail only. 

I am combining the powerful healing of the ancient Solfeggio tones, along with custom healing pipes that corespond to your mirror body. The result is a multi dementional balancing that aligns you on levels of being that will bring a new meaning to the word congruent. Sessions will also incorporate Fibronacci 

During this time, I am honing new techiqnues to achieve the best results using these new tones. During this "Experimental" period, I am offing sessions at 50% off. So a one hour session is just $50.00. Due to the nature of these sessions, 1/2 hour or 15 minute sessions are not available. 

Sessions will be offered at Goddess Elite, or out of my lakewood office. 


Call today to schedule your appointment 440-720-HEAL (4325)