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About Us

Welcome to Holistic Health and Healing

Holistic Health and Healing is dedicated to taking the Holistic Health community to the next level by offering community resources as well as the best products and services. If you want to read the history of HHH please click here. 

HHH has three main legs to the company. This is the product side of the business, offering the best available aromatherapy items and sound healing tools. Our two suppliers, Medivibe and Natural Options Aromatherapy, are both American-based companies. All of the products are manufactured right here in the United States.  This is the community portion of HHH. It features our locally hosted workshops and events as well as a free online business directory, community calendar, and community blog. All these are fee for both the submitter and those looking for community events. The service aspect of the business is what drives the passion for everything else - simply to be of service for those seeking to do spiritual inner work. We have a physical office in Lakewood, Ohio, but can also do sessions remotely using Skype or similar web conferencing tools.