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  • The Serenity Box™ Healing Practitioner System

Serenity Box™ Healing Practitioner System


Product Description

The Serenity Box™ Healing Practitioner System was developed specifically for practitioners looking for an easier way to use Acoustopathic™ sound to enhance a massage, Reiki, or other energy treatment.  No longer do you need to place the original Serenity Box sound box underneath the client's head or feet...the vibration is generated from a transducer that is placed underneath the massage table.   WholiSound has tested the system on massage tables ranging from portable wooden tables to stationary metal tables with lifts.  The whole table gently vibrates to more deeply relax your client.

Clients receive the beneficial musical "messages" in two ways simultaneously - they "hear" it through headphones and "feel" it through the massage table.  As a practitioner, you can also “hook in” with headphones, and the vibrations you can feel through the client’s body.  You should find you connect with your clients faster, allowing you to go deeper than you could before. You may also find that the vibrations help keep you looser and less tired at the end of the day.

Included in this system:

  • The Vibration Unit fitted with double-sided mounting tape for attachment to your table
  • The same Boosteroo® 3-Channel Amplifier and Headphones provided in the consumer Serenity Box
  • Two AA batteries to power the amplifier
  • A 3-foot 3.5 mm patch cord to connect Amplifier & Vibration Unit
  • The Practitioner/Audiophile Kit that allows the practitioner to hook in with personal headphones
  • 4 Acoustopathic recordings we feel will work best for your clients (Relief Therapy, Release, Soma, and Neuro)
  • Convenient Travel Bag, made from recycled material

All you need to provide is the music palyer (an MP3 player or smart phone often work best on a massage table) and your own headphones if you want to hook in during a treatment.  Some client find increased positional flexibility by using wireless headphones on themselves.


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