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Whole Body Tuners (C&G)

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Product Description

Whole Body Tuners

This two fork set is C256 and G384.   Please note that though the weighted version of these forks is available on the market we do not offer them. This particular set works the way it does because of the overtones. A weighted set can be special ordered even though we do not list it on the webiste. The cost is $50.00.

Perfect 5th frequencies

The whole body tuners are based on an 8 cycles per second or hertz. The 8 cycle per second was chosen as the basis for the entire set due to close proximity to the Schumann Resonance. See below for the frequencies leading up to the 256.

8, 16, 32 (The first Otto Tuner, 64 (second Otto Tuner, 128 (The third Otto Tuner) 256 (The first fork in the Harmonic Set)

If you could only get one set of forks, the perfect fifth or the 128 otto fork would be the forks to pick. The difference between the two forks is 128 which is one reason why the Otto 128 is the perfect fork to accompany the whole body tuners. C256 and G384 are also the two of the notes that are in the Fibonacci Set. It is the perfect set to grow into if you cannot afford the entire harmonic set upfront.  You can get the C & G now, and then choose to get the 6 forks to complete the Harmonic set, or the 6 forks to complet the Fibonacci set (or both of course!)

The combination of frequencies was shown in studies to cause a response in your cells that is called puffing. Puffing is a release of nitric oxide and is what your body releases to promote relaxation. It is also good for memory retention and accessing intutition. In some schools of thought the pefect fifth is also a yin yang balancing. 

How to use the perfect 5th whole body tuners.

1. Anchor the sound

In this technique you simply hold the one fork in each hand loosly. Tap both forks lightly on your knee. This will subtelly activate the tone. (If you hurt your knee you tapped to hard). Bring the forks carefully up to each ear. Tone/hum the note that you precieve (this will be the tone within the tones). Once you have this frequecy memoried, you can hum and activate it anywhere without the use of forks. 

2. Scanning

You can use the forks with your client to scan for energy blockages. Similar to byson scanningin Reiki. You will notice an auidble difference in how the fork resonate when you have an energy block.  When a block is found use the crystal tuner an/or an energy modality to correct the inbalance. 

3. Move Energy

Tap the forks lightly together and move them in a circular motion within the clients energy field. 

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