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136.1hz Om w/Pouch "Middle Om" (Weighted)

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Product Description


This fork is a weighted mid OM tuning fork tuned to 136.1

The Frequency of OM

See the table below for a summary of all the OM frequencies and their purpose:

Om Type Frequency  
Low Om 68.05 Exceptionally grounding this would resonate with the chakra below the root chakra. It helps to release deeply surpresed energies and heal them. 
Middle OM 136.1 Used for grounding and releasing of stuck energy within the body. Ideal for use at the end of a healing sesseion. Coresponds to the heart chakra. if using a weighted OM combine with accupressure points for additional benefits.
High OM 272.2 All benifits of the above. Further assists in meditation and accessing a higher level of conciousness. Coresponds to the 8th Chakra 
Ultra High OM 544.4 All benifits of the above. Activates additional enegery centers of one's being
Sensory OM 1088.8  We don't cary this in stock but could be custom created. Each octave of OM would continue to activate and balance more energy centers. 

Which OM is right for you?  Only you can decide. I can tell you that for myself I use the weighted 136.1 and hardly ever touch any of the others. I use it to ground at the end of the session and use the cyrstal tuner for energy blocks. What matters more is what resonates with you and what you want for your healing tool kit. It is interesting to note that if you use the weighted 128 on one side of the clients ear, and the 136.1 on the other, you would create a binary beat of 8.1 which would put your client into alpha in regards to thier brain wave frequency. This may be useful for a clien that feels over relaxed or sleapy prior to letting them go about thier day. You could also use the brain tuners for the same effect, or any 2 frequencies that come out to about an 8 cycle per second difference. 

How to use the OM tuners

1. Intution (with common sense)

2. Use at the begining of the session lightly tapping it on your knee to activate it and placing it away from the client ear so they can hear it but it is not to loud. Hold the fork until the tone dies out, then reactivate and do the other side (if you have two of this fork, you can do both sides at the same time). 

3. Use throughout the session when you feel an energy block to help the energyes get flowing agin. 

4. Use in combination with a crystal to ampliy effects for a particular purpose. Try out our Chakra Stones.

5. At the end of the session to ground the client. 

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