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Medivibe Tuning Forks (Custom Forks)

Please note, that there are certain frequencies that Medivibe is in contract with to only make for certain customers. If your order is impacted by this we will reach out to notifiy you once we are made aware. 

The most common requested fork that falls into this category is one that is based on the schumann resonance. Please note that the schumann resonance fluctuates and there is NO fork on the market that can possibly be consistently alighned with this frequency. If fluctuates constantly several times per day and has been trending up throughout the hears. 

A fork that is close to these would be the Otto, and solar harmonic forks that are based on an 8 cycle per second fundemental frequency. 32, 64, and 128 weighted forks are the 4th, 8th and 16 harmonic.