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Shipping Questions

There are 3 different categories of forks that I sell. On-Demand Forks, Custom Forks, and Stock forks which you will see as Weighted and Unweighted forks on the menu. 

Items that are considered stock items will ship in 1-2 days from our office in Westlake Ohio. I am constantly looking to grow the forks that we have on hand until we have in stock the entire Medivibe line. 

On-Demand forks are filled via dropshipping directly from Medivibe. These forks typically take 6-8 weeks. A few forks like the longer Nerve forks may take longer. It all depends when what you ordered comes up in the production schedule for larger orders. Due to the wait for on-demand forks we are offering a 20% discount using the code WAIT20

Custom Forks take 12-16 weeks. Custom forks are only made inbetween larger production runs. There is no discount for custom forks as we do not have a minimum order. If you are interested in ordering bulk custom sets, please contact us for pricing. When ordering on volume we can even replace the Medivibe branding with your company name or other engraving.