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Tuning Fork F.A.Q.

Tuning Fork Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who makes your tuning forks?

A. Our tuning forks are made by Medivibe in the USA. They have a better quality aluminum than what is used for most imported forks. From a tone perspective, they achieve the same healing response.There is a notable difference in the machining.  I have compared numerous imported forks and they are the best quality by far, guaranteeing the accuracy to the same standards of Medivibe at +/- .25 percent of the desired hertz frequency. 

Q. What are tuning forks used for?

A. The various tones and vibrations that the forks create have different effects on the body and our spirit. The Solar Harmonic set has been show to help balance the nervous system and promote relaxation, while the Solfeggio set helps the chakras come into alignment. The Fibonacci set helps achieve new levels of consciousness, and the Otto Forks are perfect to use with Acupressure points. If you have a specific question, please send your question via the Contact Me form and we will do our best to give you a detailed response.

Q. Are tuning forks safe?

A. Tuning forks are safe when used correctly; the tones of the forks are very subtle. Care should be taken not to place the fork directly in the ear when tapping forks together. A light tap on the knee or other activator is all you need in order to hear the tone and reap the benefit.

Q. Where do I start?

A. We are working on creating videos for each fork set giving a more detailed description and there forks usage. Watch them and see what resonates with you. If we could go back and start with just a few forks, we would get the Otto 128 tuner or the OM tuner which is 136.1 hrtz. You can combine these with acupressure points for additional benefits. Also, the forks release tension in the muscles and tissue and promote the relaxation of yourself or your client by the release of nitric oxide in cells.  We also recommend the perfect 5th to use in the Aura field, or the 528 Mi fork by itself. The crystal tuner makes a great addition to anyone's healing tool box. Use it to break up energy blocks and help to clear the chakras.