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Chakra set of 7 Forks w/Pouch (Weighted)

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Product Description

If you are interested in an 8 or 9 piece chakra set, simply ad low Om (68.05) and high om (272.2). You will notice if you research that the solfeggio set is also marketed to balance chakras. BOTH are correct. We are multi-dimensional beings. This set is more for the physical/astral level of chakras where the Solfegio would bridge more into the higher mental, budahic and spiritual realms. Please note this set is available weighted however the magic of this set is in the overtones. 

This particular set of frequencies is based on planetary orbits. If you look from an astrological perspective you will see a correlation with the planets chosen and their claimed correlation to the energy centers. If you already have a planetary set, you may be better off just ordering an individual fork as a custom fork for the frequency that you are missing. 

  • 1st Root/ Muladara is 194.18. This is earth day. It is many octaves higher so that you can hear it but if you were to keep dividing this in half 24 times, the cycle per second would be equal to 1 oscillation per day. 
  • 2nd Sacral/Svadhistana 210.42. This is the frequency of the moon's orbit. Please note that it is an octave lower that the moon frequency offered in the planet set which is 420.84
  • 3rd Solar Plexus/Manipura 126.22 (also a different frequency that what is in the unweighted planet set 252.44)
  • 4th Heart/Anahata This is the earth year (OM) 136.1 it is an octave lower than the one offered in the planet set. 
  • 5th Throat/Vishudda 141.27 resonates to Mercury (Planet set comes with 282.54)
  • 6th Third Eye/Ajna 221.23 which resonates to venus. (Planet set is one octave up 442.46)
  • 7th Crown/Sahasrara 172.06 this is the earth platonic year. It is based on the 48th octave of the precession of the earth's axis. Metaphsyically this is where there is clarity of spirit and the passing of ages. 

If you are also wanting to incorporate what the last 2 for the 9 piece set they would be:

  • 0 Earth Star 68.05 which is an octave lower that the mid Om used for the heart chakra. Additional grounding as well as helping to release stuck energy.
  • 9 Soul Star 272.20 which is an octave higher than the mid Om used for the heart chakra. It is said to help reestablish connection with the divine. 


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