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  • Medivibe crystal tuner featuring an extra long handle and storage pouch.

Crystal Tuning Fork


Product Description

The Crystal Tuner

This individual fork features extra long handles for an easy grip and comes with a velvet pouch for convenient storage. The fork is tuned to 4096 cycles per second

Crystal Tuner Frequency

The crystal tuner is based on the same fundamental tone as the solar harmonic set which is 8 cycles per second or hertz. The 8 cycle per second was chosen as the basis for the entire set due to close proximity to the Schumann Resonance. See below for the frequencies leading up to the first of the Angel Tuners:

8, 16, 32 (The first Otto Tuner, 64 (second Otto Tuner, 128 (The third Otto Tuner) 256 (The first fork in the Earth Harmonic Set), 512, 1024, 2048, 4096. 

The cyrstal tuner is used like energetic sage. 

How to use a crytal tuning fork

There is no "correct" way to use any tuning fork. Often it is best to use a fork based on your intuition. 

A crystal tuner can be used to clear energy in a room. If you are also trained in an energy modality like Reiki, use the healing energy in combination with activating the crystal tuner. You can activate it using a wooden mallet, or a crystal. If using a crystal points with a rounded edge activate much more easily and produce a cleaner tone. 

For clearing a room, Clear Quartz, Citrine, Selenitie, Smoky Quarts all work well in combination with the fork. 

Once activated you can draw healing or sacred symbols in the air in each corner of the room accompanied with an affirmation or prayer. 

When using the fork on a client, it is ideal at the end of the session to help clear out the blockages released during the healing session. I have personally found that this fork combined with 999, and the Holy Host fork is an amazing confirmation that completest he healing, clears the negative and fills the clients being with light.



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