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Total Harmonic Spectrum set of 8 w/pouch(Unweighted)


Product Description

The Harmonic Set (8 PIECE UNWEIGHTED)

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Harmonic Frequencies 

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How to use Chakra Tuning Forks

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General Balancing

Starting with the lowest fork first activate it using a mallet, hockey puck or lightly tapping it on your knee. Move the fork in a circular motion above the body where the chakra is located. Take care to listen to the fork resonate. If you note that the tone subsides quickly more work is needed on that chakra. If you have a crystal tuner, use that to help free up the energy. Once the energy block is addressed reactivate the chakra fork and note the difference in how long the tone lasts. 

Repeat this step for every chakra center.

Bridge Technique

Starting with the lowest fork, activate it and move it in a circular motion above the body where the chakra is located. Once the resonance is balanced (see above) activate the fork again and bring the energy from the root up to the crown. (visualize raising the kundalini energy)
Next keeping the lowest fork use that with the next fork up. For example, root chakra fork in one hand, and Sacrel in the other. Activate them on an activator and move them in a circular motion over both energy centers. Once you have resonance, lightly tap them together and circle them around one another moving the energy up to the crown. You can do this 1-3 times or more. 
Repeat this step using the lowest fork as an anchor fork and the other forks in their order. For example, Root Chakra in one hand, and repeating the steps above with Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown. 

Linked Charka Technique

This is the hardest technique to use if you are not intuitive. It is also best to use this technique in addition to one of the techniques listed above.  You need to identify what chakra energies are intermingling in an unhealthy way and use the different forks in combination to help integrate the energy. For example (and perhaps the most common one I come across) is someone who is so full of love that they get drawn into someone else’s "Stories". They end up stuffing the other person’s energy in their solar plexus. Further, because they are intuitive, they are getting additional information that makes it resonate even stronger. 


In this case there is a relationship between the solar plexus, the heart, and the third eye. Using the three chakra frequencies in one hand, pick a 4th chakra that will be the balancing factor. In this case we will give the example of throat chakra. If using communication well, the person can use their through chakra energy to transmute the received energy back to the person from which it came. 


In summary, the linked technique is about identifying energy that comes into their field that ultimately puts them in a state of unbalance. Then reframing how that energy flow happens by using forks. It is important to let the client know what you are doing because the effectiveness of this technique lies more in changing their perception and behavior. The forks merely anchor the new intentions energetically. 


These same techniques could be used with the Solfeggio forks. 

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