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Brain tuners set of 6 w/pouch (Unweighted)

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Brain tuners set of 6 w/pouch (Unweighted)

You can order any non-stock items as a pre-order. Most non-stock items will be shipped in 6-8 weeks. When ordering you can use the code WAIT20 to get 20% off your order. Your order helps me to begin to expand my ever growing inventory of forks. You can also visit my custom shop that has fork sets that don't exist on the market today but that I have found to be amazing in the world of sound healing. 

Brain tuners are the prefect tool to help entrain the brain to move effortlessly between different states of conscriousness. 

One fork is called "Fundemental" The rest are tuned slighly off from this fundemental tones. When you place the fundemental fork by one ear, and the brainwave fork (Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta) on the other side, your brain percieves the difference in tones as a binural beat. Tis binural beat is what allows the mind to more easily transition into the altared state. Combined with anchoring techniques you can entrian the mind to go to the different states using different anchors/prompts even if you do not have the tuning forks with you. 

In additoin to the unweighted  forks, there is a weighted fork called Gamma. Gamma waves range between 30-100 hertz or so, and 40 is considered one of the frequencies that most assists with peak states of intelect and mental facalties. 

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