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Organ Tuner Set 15 w/Pouch (Unweighted)

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You can order any non-stock items as a pre-order. Most non-stock items will be shipped in 6-8 weeks. When ordering you can use the code WAIT20 to get 20% off your order. Your order helps me to begin to expand my ever growing inventory of forks. You can also visit my custom shop that has fork sets that don't exist on the market today but that I have found to be amazing in the world of sound healing. 

Organ Tuner Set 15 w/Pouch (Unweighted)

Though this set is also available as a weighted set, if you feel called to the weighted I recommend ordering custom frequencies that are a different octave than the unweighted. They do not adjust the hertz for the weighted set so the forks are shorter and the vibration not as low. While this may be perfered for some, for myself I have found that a custom fork that is an octave or two lower has greater results. Another thing to consider is to get a 128 or a 136.1 weighted fork (the Otto 128 or the OM) and use them in conjuction with accupressure points for the organs you are working on, combined with the unweighed organ fork. 

Like in the endocrine set, a good unweighted fork to complement the organ set would be the high frequency OM as they correlate to the higher chakras and can help with the body and being entering a greater congrency with one another. 

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