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Organ Tuner Set 15 w/Pouch (Unweighted)

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Product Description

The Organ Tuner Set (15 PIECE UNWEIGHTED)

These frequencies came about from the research of Barbera Hero. She used mathematical frequencies based on the speed of sound, and experments passing soundwaves through various organs, to calculate the optimal frequency for each part of the human body. The premis is that using a frequency of a health organ on an organ that is not health will cause the organ to slip into a resonance and aid in healing. 


The Organ Frequencies

This fork set includes:

Adrenals & Thyroid (492.80)

Bladder (352.00)

Blood (321.90)

Bone (418.30)

Brain (315.80)

Colon (176.00)

Fat Cells (295.80)

Gall Bladder(164.30)

Intestines (281.00)

Kidneys (319.88)

Liver (317.83)

Lungs (220.00)

Muscles (324.00)

Pancrease (117.30)

Stomach (110.00)

How to use Organ Tuning Forks

The first rule to this set is that you never work on just one organ. All the organs have relationships with one another. Even if you want to focus on one organ in particular, it is a good idea to incporate some other forks intot he session.  

Simply activate the fork and point the fork to the organ. You can also experment with lightly tapping two or more forks together to create a symphony of healing overtones based on the fundementals of the organ tuners. 

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