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  • Medivibe Angel Tuner Set With Pouch
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Angel Tuners (set of 3)


Product Description

The Angel Tuners

This 3 fork set features extra long handles for an easy grip and comes with a velvet pouch for convient storage. The forks are tuned to 4096, 4160, and 4225)

Angel Tuner Frequencies

The angel tuners are based on the same fundemental tone as the solar harmonic set which is 8 cycles per second or hertz. The 8 cycle per second was chosen as the basis for the entire set due to close proximity to the Schumann Resonance. See below for the frequencies leading up to the first of the Angel Tuners:

8, 16, 32 (The first Otto Tuner, 64 (second Otto Tuner, 128 (The third Otto Tuner) 256 (The first fork in the Earth Harmonic Set), 512, 1024, 2048, 4096. 

The 4096 is also sold as a stand alone fork called the crystal tuner and is used as energetic sage to clear out a persons aura, or to help break up energetic blockages. The next two frequencies in the Angel Tuner set are said to represent a reference in the Bible from Genesis 28:10-19 where it talks about Jacobs Ladder.  In the reference it was noted that angels were ascending and descending on the ladder. 

How to use Angel Tuning Forks

There is no "correct" way to use this tuning fork set. Please note though that if you are tapping the forks together you should not place the forks right by the ear as the high pitch frequency could do damage to the ear. 

If you are using them on yourself simply activate the forks and hold them away from the ears on either side of the body. Allow yourself to go "inbetwen" the tones. Think of the difference in each fork like a portal that allows you to access the angelic/spiritual realm. 

If you are using it on a client, you can use them at the begining of the session perhaps with an affirmation inviting the clients guides and angels to participate in the healing, and ad the end to invite them to continue working with the client in the years ahead. 

Additional instruction is available in the book Human Tuning.


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